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We must never forget the history of the one who we know and love as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Course Description

This course presents methods for mobilizing spiritual forces for God and explains the practical application of the Harvestime vision to specific areas of ministry. Referral courses in various areas of ministry are also available through this course.

Course Objectives:

" Define mobilization.
" Explain the difference between mobilization and manipulation.
" Explain the relationship between mobilization and evangelism.
" Summarize the Biblical basis of mobilization.
" Discuss each of the following mobilizing spiritual forces:
The fire of God
The glory of God
Worship of God
Revival from God
" Explain what it means to worship in spirit and truth.
" Discuss how we are to worship God.
" Identify Biblical principles of revival.
" Explain how to mobilize passive people.
" Explain how to handle failure.
" Identify the Biblical principles of penetration revealed in the book of Joshua.
" Identify the qualities necessary to be a mobilizer of others.
" Mobilize your church on the basis of spiritual gifts.

Certificate of completion will be issued after exam has been completed and returned with a passing score of 72%. God bless you and thank you.

Let all those who come after us find that our efforts in this life were centered and firmly rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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