Affordable Christian education through distance learning "Home Study" training programs We must never forget the history of the one who we know and love as our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Course Description:

The early church was born in a demonstration of the power of God. Power principles taught in this course equip students for spiritual harvest and moves them from being spectators to demonstrators of the power of God.

Course Objectives:

" Identify the source of true spiritual power.
" Recognize the counterfeit power of the enemy.
" Summarize the powers delegated by God to Jesus Christ.
" Receive the authority delegated by Jesus to believers.
" Identify Biblical purposes for spiritual power.
" Explain and apply the following power principles:
Power of the Gospel
Power of the Holy Spirit
Power of love
Anointing of power
Power, faith, works
The name of Jesus
Power of prayer
Power of the Word
Being in authority while under authority
Power of His resurrection
Fellowship of His suffering
" Explain how to have the power of God in your life and ministry.
" Identify reasons for power failures.
" Face the opposition and overcome Satan when he challenges your spiritual authority.

Certificate of completion will be issued after exam has been completed and returned with a passing score of 72%. God bless you and thank you.

Let all those who come after us find that our efforts in this life were centered and firmly rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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