Welcome to the Chaplain and Clergy Custom Clothing

Welcome to the Chaplain and clergy custom clothing and supplies. Here you will find Chaplain's shirts with badges, Logos, lettering for chaplains, Car Signs, Chaplain caps, Hats, Bumper stickers, chaplain's messenger bags, and a lot of other gear created just for chaplains and ministers working ministry.

From many years of experience working as chaplains we know that we are respected by Law Enforcement, Firefighters, first responders and others if we looked and conduct ourselves in a professional manner. Click on Photos!

Check on the photos to view all items . Look professional and doors will open, and you will be treated with respect.

Hoodies with logos.

™Chaplain Fellowship Ministries is Internationally recognized as a Ministry of Presence! ©Copyright Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International Inc. For more information for ministry and training contact phone numbers and e-mail's.

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